Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2013 book 281

Gabrielle Zevin's In The Age of Love and Chocolate
Yay, the final book in that near-future trilogy where chocolate is illegal and our protagonist is from a chocolate-peddling mafia family is here! This book sees Anya turn 18 and follows her for the next few years as she attempts to legally sell chocolate in a nightclub, and it's all entirely fascinating. I appreciate that the relationships here are handled in a more realistic way than most YA series--and that there's a deliberate contrast between high school romance and adult relationships (if 21 can really be considered adult--though Anya is certainly overly mature for her age). Really this book is about friendship and family and the high cost of doing business, to trot out a cliche. But I defy you to find another YA book where the main character is setting up a business empire. That is freaking awesome. I mean, some things might wrap up too neatly, but whatever, this series is great. A/A-.

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