Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2013 book 271

Rhys Bown's Evans Above
I like Bowen's mystery series about Queen Victoria's great-granddaughter, so figured I'd try another series of hers. This one involves the constable of a small town in Wales; he has the unlikely name of Evan Evans, and all the titles of this series involve heavenly puns. Anyway, I always love small-town settings and their eccentric personalities (though could have done without the two women competing for his attention--one, a forward barmaid, the other, an outdoorsy and modest teacher) but the mystery here is frustrating (two dead men are found on a mountain). I completely called the killer very early on and was very annoyed that the constable never even followed that avenue of investigation. Shoddy police work! I still might check out more books in this series when I'm looking for something light, though. B.

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