Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 book 15

M.R. Carey's The Girl With All The Gifts
M.R. Carey is actually Mike Carey, author of many comic books (including Unwritten, one of my very favorites). I'm not sure why he's using initials here--to separate his fiction from his comics?--but whatever, I only wanted to read this in the first place because he wrote it! It's about a mysterious girl, Melanie, in a mysterious school in a mysterious place isolated from the world outside--because it's full of Hungries. Yes, I accidentally read a zombie book. No, that's not a spoiler, the hungries are mentioned pretty early on. Anyway, the deal with Melanie is explained in good time, because the story is told not only from her POV, but from her favorite teacher's and various other characters. And then things take a drastic turn and things get really crazy. But, I mean, it's a zombie book, and I really feel like it should be marketed that way if Carey really wants a wider audience. I do like the vague and mysterious nature of the official book description though. B+, because zombies give me nightmares and also this book is crazy.

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