Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 book 25

Diana Gabaldon's An Echo in the Bone
Gabaldon has really interesting stuff going on with Brianna and with Claire/Jamie here, so of course decides to devote a chunk of the book to William, fighting with the British during the Revolutionary War. It's hard to make war interesting when the reader knows the character is on the losing side, and William has not been enough of a presence in earlier books to make spending time with him feel like anything but a chore, especially because he's always getting lost and otherwise being an idiot. He gets a little better in the second half, but then Jamie and Claire and Young Ian get sucked into war activities too, and it's so blah. I don't know how she makes war SO boring! The pace does pick up toward the end, when several plot points I was sure would be cliffhangers were abruptly resolved. There's a fair amount of stupidity in this one--I mean, if you were writing in a secret notebook all of your time travel secrets, wouldn't you put it somewhere safe, and not keep accidentally giving it to nefarious people? Whatever. WHATEVER. Now I have to wait until June to read the next one and find out how all these morons survive. B.

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