Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 book 27

Courtney Milan's Trade Me
Contemporary romance is not a genre I'm super into, but Milan has written so many great and funny historical romances that I decided to check her latest book out. And it was also great and funny! It's about a couple of college students--Blake, the super rich son of a Steve-Jobs-type, who is way into Tina, a Chinese girl who is from a decidedly un-rich family. When she calls out his privilege in a class discussion, saying that he couldn't live her life for two weeks, he is like "hell yeah, I want to escape my life and my problem that I'm afraid to tell anyone about and also spend more time with you" and so they trade lives (more or less). The romance here is super cute and builds believably, there's a nicely diverse cast of characters and complicated families, and Milan does not flinch from discussion of race/class issues. It looks like the next book in this series will focus on Tina's best (trans) friend, and then the third will come back to these two. And I will definitely read it. A-.

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