Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 book 30

Jane Casey's How to Fall
Soooo this is a YA mystery about a teenage girl who goes with her mom to her mom's small hometown for the first time ever (her mother left under mildly mysterious circumstances), a year after one of her cousins died, also mysteriously. She, of course, looks EXACTLY like her dead cousin (their moms /are/ identical twins) and gets very curious about how she died, uncovering all sorts of unsavory details and teen drama. There is a super creepy adult male (I actually said "GROSS" out loud at one point after an especially creepy moment) and some cute teen boys, not to mention her other cousins (who, surprisingly, don't really come into play--the youngest one, Tom, is only mentioned like twice) and a lot of vintage clothing. She IS a dumb teenage amateur investigator, so many of the things she does are annoyingly dumb, but Casey makes work pretty well. Great atmosphere, too. B+.

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