Friday, August 08, 2014

2014 book 185

Ellen Kusher's The Privilege of the Sword
YESSSS this book was perfect in every way (at least for this particular reader). Set eighteen years after the previous volume, this one finds a young girl being basically blackmailed by her uncle (a character from the previous book) into coming to live with him and learning to sword-fight. And it's AWESOME. Even when the teenage characters are being dumb or doing dumb things, you're not like "ughhhh you're so dumb" you're like "aw, you're so dumb, but you'll learn!" And mostly the teenager characters are doing awesome things, including learning confidence (and sword-fighting) and exploring their sexuality and challenging jerks to duels. And at the end I was just like, "YEAH! Teenagers doin' it for themselves!" Seriously, this was super fun and great. A.

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