Thursday, August 28, 2014

2014 book 206

Ellen Conford's And This is Laura
Yay, it's the latest from Lizzie Skurnick books, the imprint that reissues classic YA! I did read some Ellen Conford books when I was an actual YA (well, more of a tween type) (Dear Lovey Hart, I am Desperate was a particular favorite, but A Royal Pain was also great--BETTER than the Princess Diaries!). ANYWAY. This was a very charming book about a twelve year old who feels like the only one in her family who isn't outstanding--at least until she starts getting psychic visions. I was surprised at how satisfying I found this as an adult reader, I have to say. Good work, Ellen Conford, and thank you to Lizzie Skurnick for putting this one back into the world. (And thanks in advance for reissuing Lisa and Lottie--though I still have my childhood copy!) A-.

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