Friday, August 15, 2014

2014 book 192

Martha Woodroof's Small Blessings
Oh, boy. This comes REALLY close to being a good book, but misses the mark for me. The writing is just not quite there, and the characters/plot are all bordering on ridiculous, especially as things go on. On the other hand, I was very relieved it wasn't one of those books about a philandering professor (btw, it is VERY UNETHICAL to date one of your students, even if she's thirty-seven! I had a lot of other problems with this book, too, but discussing that would involve spoilers). I quite liked where it seemed to be heading in the first third, but then it got crazier and crazier and I just kept on reading to see what would happen. I think if you classify this as like, women's fiction, instead of literary fiction, it might be a little easier to take. There's a lot of promise here, but it wasn't for me, at all. B/B-.

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