Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 book 205

Louise Penny's The Long Way Home
I approached the latest Inspector Gamache book with quite a bit of trepidation, as I thought the series had ended (and the last book felt really final, in a good way). Now, it seems, Gamache has retired--to Three Pines, of course, b/c an idyllic small town with multiple murders is obviously where you want to spend your waning years--and dumb Clara is asking him to find her missing husband, Peter. As a reader who thinks Peter is THE WORST, this is kind of a letdown of a plot. And the writing is VERY heavy-handed. Lots of "Gamache only wanted peace, and now she had taken that peace away" and "Clara saw what she most feared in his eyes. She saw fear" "But Clara knew deep down she had set something terrible in motion"--by the way, those are all paraphrased from a TWO PAGE SECTION. Tone down the drama ten notches, Louise Penny. Things proceed pretty slowly from there, only to ramp up at like 80 percent in, just in time for a truly ridiculous ending. So my trepidation was warranted. C.

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