Friday, August 15, 2014

2014 book 191

Rachel Aaron's Nice Dragons Finish Last
Aaron's (author of the Eli Monpress series, which I keep meaning to read) latest is a very enjoyable urban fantasy-ish story set in a far future Detroit, in a world where a comet his earth and restored magic to everything (just go with it). Our protagonist is a nerdy dragon whose mother, as punishment, has trapped him in the form of a human and told him to make something draconian of himself, or she'll eat him. He soon encounters a young mage on the run and they have some pretty entertaining and action-packed adventures. I particularly liked seeing the dragon interact with his siblings (mildly insane and hilarious seer Bob was a particular favorite). Really fun story overall--I do wish a proofreader had gone through it one more time, as there are more than a few minor typos, but they are minor, and I'm kind of picky, etc etc. I'll definitely be reading more in this series. B+.

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