Friday, April 13, 2012

2012 book 103

Diana Wynne Jones' Fire and Hemlock
A bunch of Jones' books that have been out of print in America for ages have been reissues (with prefaces by people like Neil Gaiman), and I, for one, was super excited to have new books by her to read. This is kind of a weird one, but in a good way, referencing fairy tales I don't know, so it all seemed unfamiliar and exciting. 19-year-old Polly comes to realize that she has a second set of memories, and sets about trying to remember her childhood to find out what the heck happened, and how she came to forget a man who greatly influenced her, and how her whole world changed because of it. Plus she reads and talks about lots of excellent books. It's less convoluted if you read it yourself. A-/B+.

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