Sunday, April 08, 2012

2012 book 99

Robin LaFevers' Grave Mercy: His Fair Assassin, Book 1
Set in Brittany in the late 1400s, this book involves a young woman who is marked as the daughter of Death (a local god/saint) and whisked away to his convent to learn the arts of the assassin. But then she's assigned to pose as the mistress of a local noble and gets embroiled in the very crazy politics of the day (which seem to be historically accurate). And of course gets embroiled in FEELINGS for the noble. Really fascinating setting and premise here, but I was less enamored of the romance angle (then again, this is a YA book) and the occasionally over-the-top writing. It's the first of a trilogy, but it looks like each book will focus on a different girl (this protagonist has two assassin friends) and their inevitable reluctant romances. I probably will read them anyway, though, b/c the whole girl assassin thing is pretty cool. B+.

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