Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 book 110

Elizabeth Bear's Range of Ghosts
This fantasy book, set in a land that seems based on historical Mongolia, has gotten some great reviews. It focuses on a young man who's barely survived a great battle between the armies of his brother and his uncle over the throne, and a princess-turned-wizard going through some super boring rites of wizardry. The boy's story is pretty riveting; I was less into the woman's until they met up and things got more interesting. And then the end came, and I was not super into it, and of course it was all leading up to an inevitable sequel because no one writes stand-alone books anymore. I probably won't read the sequel b/c I honestly don't really care what happens to these characters and it seems like it'll all be war and annoying relationship stuff anyway. Though I did love the awesome horse. B-.

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